Love Pots – Cupcakes-Baked-In-Jars

Personalised Cupcakes Baked In Jars – Perfect for birthday/anniversary gifts, top table/thank you’s, hen nights and more

£3.50 each for Standardlovepotlinds

Cupcake baked in a jar, coordinated ribbon attaching a mini wooden spoon and greeting tag – wording of your choice or allow us to make a suggestion

Victoria Plunge:

Vanilla Sponge, strawberry jam, vanilla-pod buttercream, hearts, pearls, vermicelli & glitter

Pot of Riches:

Decadent rich chocolate cake, brandy buttercream, sugar pearls and edible gold & glitter

Lemon Soul Mate:

Lemon sponge, lemon curd, fresh lemon buttercream, lemon shavings & glitter

Bunny Love:

Fragrant carrot cake bedecked with cream cheese buttercream, cinnamon & glitter

 £5.00 ea for Platinum

20141004_093010(as above including gift bag, organza mini bag with scented tealight or seedbomb to re-Love your Pot and a personalised quote)

Perfect to use instead of cupcakes at christenings birthdays, picnics or weddings on location


2 thoughts on “Love Pots – Cupcakes-Baked-In-Jars

  1. Sarah Powell says:

    I’ve bought a couple of your pots whilst on holiday in Norfolk before. How much would it be to post a couple as I thought they would be a nice gift from my children to their Auntie?
    I would need them by Thursday next week.


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