Friday’s Quickie – Seven Spectacular Pins

As a Pinpest sometimes I find it hard to sort the wheat from the chaff so to speak, there’s oodles of cakes to choose from on Pintrest.  A bewilderment of baking some may say.  Stop – take a minute and admire the craveable creations we’ve Pinned this week.  It was a toughy to stop at seven..

blog7 blog6

I adore the natural fell of these two cakes and that greenery is gorgeous whether on a buttercream cake or a more traditional cake tower.

blog5 blog4

We’re experimenting with doodles on cakes so watch this space for Buns brushstrokes..

blog3 blog2

Lastly, florals in any way or shape we love ’em!  We’re also partial to a bit of bling!



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